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posted Nov 1, 2016, 2:03 PM by Heather Lawrence

Thalilaa Charles Appointed to PEP

Brooklyn South BSAC  (Borough Student Advisory Council)
We are off to a fantastic start this school year and held our first meeting on September 27th.  As we continue to recruit, we expect that at least a few more high schools will send up to two students each and our numbers will rise. Last year we led the city with 49 enrolled BSAC students. Our students actively participated in CSAC (Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council) and we completed and presented a final project (Improving School Safety Through Improving Adult-Student Relationships). This year we are looking forward to another fantastic year that will build upon our students work from last year, expand their “voice”, develop their leadership skills and allow for them to return to their home schools and begin the work of supporting positive change to school policy and issues that directly impact students. The co-facilitators, myself and Betty Feibusch (Affinity Culture & Climate Manager) meet once a month for approximately 3 hours with the full  student group and then meet with the smaller executive board to plan agendas, invite speakers, develop activities etc. that will guide the foundation of the work this year.  As of October 20th we have 32 students from the following Brooklyn South and Brooklyn South Affinity Schools represented. GREAT NEWS! One of the Brooklyn South BSAC student leaders was selected as one of only two students appointed to serve on the City-wide PEP (Panel for Educational Policy). That student is Thalilaa Charles from  Midwood HS: Grade 12 .