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posted Feb 26, 2016, 12:40 PM by Brandon S.
Bk South Brothers Break their 1st Bread!

Today the men of Brooklyn South Borough Field Support Center were privileged to meet with some outstanding young men at Middle School of Marketing and Legal Studies (18K598) to "break bread" and engage in some powerful conversations. A great deal of thanks goes to Principal Jameela Horton and her leadership team for their willingness to partner with the BK South BFSC and in opening up their building. 

"As part of the Male Empowerment initiative, “Brother’s Break Bread” is an school based engagement involving male students getting together as a group with the men of BK South BFSC to have lunch and discuss male rite of passage issues in a caring environment. Our approach derives from the level 2 phase of the Response to Intervention Continuum, which indicates mentoring as a critical component in youth development. The idea is to create an environment which fosters responsibility, positive communication, respect, and brotherhood amongst our young men. In addition, this interaction between students and responsible men will help our youngsters to forge better relationships in the classroom and in their personal life. To participate, students must be selected by principal and get consent from parents."