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Brooklyn South FSC Leadership

Dr. Mauricière de Govia, Ed.D, Executive Director

Mauricière de Govia is a dedicated instructional leader who possesses more than 20 years of experience in the New York City Department of Education.   Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mauricière is a graduate of New York City public schools and CUNY Brooklyn College for her undergraduate as well as graduate work.  Her guiding philosophy of Transformation through Collaboration Creates a Successful Organization has anchored her as an educator as she has served children as a K-8 teacher and middle school principal.  

Mauricière currently serves as the Executive Director of Brooklyn South Field Support Center.  In this role, she has committed to leading and ensuring strong schools and strong communities for Districts 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22 by bridging the worlds of instruction and operations to create successful learning opportunities for students.  In her former role as Superintendent of District 23, she fostered change via empowerment, instructional leadership, and culture and community building in Oceanhill-Brownsville.  As a principal, she successfully phased out JHS 56 on the Lower East Side and then served as the founding principal of MS 345 which achieved “Well Developed/A” status under her leadership.  Upon leaving her school in 2009, Mauricière became the Executive Director of Academics and Instruction and eventually the Deputy CEO for the Office of School Support.  In these roles, she supported and influenced the citywide roll out of the Common Core standards, Quality Review, and professional development for Network Leaders and Superintendents.   As Vice President for National Initiatives at the NYC Leadership Academy (NYCLA), Mauricière facilitated the creation of principal training programs for national as well as international NYCLA partners.  Her work as a Talent Coach with the Office of Teacher Effectiveness positioned her to assist principals implement and effectively utilize the Danielson rubric to assess teacher performance and provide actionable feedback to them on their practice. 

 The success of these experiences have led Mauricière to be a leader who is committed to creating collaborative communities that foster a shared vision of purposeful instruction, accountability, and the responsibility of transforming students into life-long learners who are prepared citizens of our world.  Mauricière has embarked upon a doctoral studies program with Sage College-Esteves School of Education.  In this program, she will apply the new experience of being a researcher to her practitioner work as an educator in the New York City school system in order to further student achievement for all learners.

Laura Kaiser,
Director for Teaching and Learning

Laura Kaiser is the Deputy Director for Teaching and Learning at Brooklyn South. She has worked in the Department of Education for 21 years and has a strong instructional and administrative background. Laura Kaiser’s extensive experiences as an educator include: classroom teacher, staff developer, certified reading teacher, Regional Instructional Supervisor, Assistant Principal, Principal, Deputy Network Leader and Network Leader. Her expertise and successful background in implementing data driven instruction, Danielson's Framework, Balanced Literacy methodologies and Teacher College Writing Process will provide our schools exemplary support in literacy instructional practices. Laura Kaiser is dedicated to assisting our schools in building capacity, utilizing assessment to drive instruction and strengthening teacher practice in order to increase student achievement.   Laura Kaiser brings a passion and wealth of instructional knowledge to the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Nelly Cortes,
Director of English Language Learners

 Nelly Cortes is the Deputy Director of English Language Learners at Brooklyn South.  She began her career in the Department of Education as a teacher in Brooklyn.  In 2003, she was appointed Principal of 23K155 in Brownsville. As a principal, she supported educators in the collection of formative and summative assessment data in which educators gathered evidence of student learning, evaluated student progress against key standards and adjusted lessons/unit plans to meet the needs of all learners. She has an extensive background as an instructional leader with a solid knowledge of best practices in education which encompasses Framework for Great Schools.

She received her graduate degree from Long Island University in Administration and Supervision and has various state certifications including a Bilingual Education Permanent Extension.

Will Ramirez,
Director for Specialized Instruction and Student Support

Will began his career in the Department of Education as a School Social Worker for the Committee on Special Education (CSE) in District 32.  It was there where he developed an extensive knowledge base of the special education processes and its multifaceted components that range from creating and implementing quality IEP’s to a thorough understanding of local, State and Federal law.  Will has served in various administrative capacities that have ranged from supporting schools as one of the first Administrators of Special Education (ASE) for one of the first four pilot Children First Networks—CFN 3, to the Executive Director of Special Education in Cluster 4 overseeing special education compliance and operations, while building capacity to 11 Network ASE’s and ultimately serving as a Central Deputy Director supervising Supervisors of Psychologists prior to coming to the BFSC—Brooklyn South.  Throughout his professional journey, Will has always had the child centered approach and continues to allow that professional value to guide the work and practice with ensuring that all students with disabilities and their families receive the necessary support in order to facilitate student achievement.

Ricardo Duran, Director of Finance and Human Resources

Ricardo began working at the DOE in 2013 at the Regional Operation Center in the Bronx as a Budget Team Lead. Since then, he has supported schools in multiple roles including Grants Analyst, Budget Officer, Lead Customer Service Manager, Deputy Network Leader, and Deputy Cluster leader. In each of his positions Ricardo has worked to build capacity, support the instructional goals of each school and has also worked cross-functionally with FSC Senior Leadership, the Leadership of the Office of Central Field Support, and Superintendents’ Offices in all the boroughs.

Patrick Fagan, Director of Operations 

Patrick Fagan received his BA from Hofstra University and was awarded the prestigious New York City Urban Fellowship which jump-started his career in government and non-profit sectors at the Department of Health and Mayor’s office of Operations where he spent the last 18 years of his career in the areas of Strategic Planning, Operations, Project Management, Human Resources and Finance reinforcing his strong commitment to public service. He has worked at the DOE for the last 13 years servicing students and schools in a myriad of positions including; Budget Team Lead in the Regional Operations Center, Network Leader and Deputy Cluster Leader to most recently Senior Manager of Finance and Human Resources. Patrick is a proud product of the NYC public school system attending Brooklyn South schools – P.S. 208, Meyer Levin J.H.S. 285 and William E Grady VTHS. He received his MBA from Baruch's Zicklin school of Business in Finance/Management.

Beverly Logan, 
 Director for Student Services

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York Beverly Logan understands the importance of having an adult to be your champion.  That is the philosophy she takes on as the Deputy Director of Student Services at the Brooklyn South Field Support Center. Beverly understands the importance of making sure students have their basic needs met in order for them to be successful in academics.  Her experience includes but not limited to: teaching grades 4-8, serving as a staff developer for teachers, and leading and guiding adults and children as an Assistant Principal.  She recently transitioned from PS 156K in Brownsville, Brooklyn where she serviced the school community as Principal for 10 years.  Within her career Beverly Logan has provided supports for both adults and children in the area of students’ services such as providing for students in temporary housing, strategies in developing to increase attendance, providing a school climate that is respectful to all and sharing best practices that will provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow.  

TBA,  School Support  Liaison 

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TBA,  Data Manager

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James Coffey,  Instructional Technology