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Our Initiatives

Student Engagement
The Brooklyn South FSC will look to coordinate with district leadership to foster innovative youth programs that engage students, teachers and community stakeholders. Currently the BK South FSC has several initiatives and plan to continue to expand this list in collaboration with superintendents. 

- BSAC (Borough Student Advisory Council)

Interested in supporting our student focused initiatives?

We welcome your support! Please contact Heather, share your interest and contact information. 

Equity and Access Community Fairs
We are excited to be organizing various opportunities to engage and empower Parents / Guardians in support of their child’s education and build community partnerships. It is through these initiatives that we believe we are truly able to bring to fruition our mantra as a FSC, to build “Strong Schools” and “Strong Communities.”

Family and Community Engagement
The Brooklyn South FSC is committed to engaging with District CEC on a continuous basis to promote success, troubleshoot challenges, monitor changes, and lever- age available community re- sources in support of districts & schools.

Community Schools 
Web Portal Community Schools are neighborhood hubs where students receive high-quality academic instruction, families can access social services, and communities congregate to share resources and address their common challenges. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision to re-imagine the City’s school system developed into the the NYC Community Schools Initiative. In an effort to build upon existing citywide initiatives, the BFSC is exploring possibility of adopting the Boston Public Schools “PartnerBPS” portal, a web-based partnership registration system that serves to leverage quality school partnerships to close opportunity and achievement gaps, and improve quality.

School Leadership Support
In alignment with the Chancellor’s vision as outlined in the Framework for Great Schools, the Brooklyn South Field center will be crafting a series of differentiated training for school leaders. These training will expand on the goals of the Framework in service of ensuring school leaders have the knowledge, strategies, structure and tools to lead by example, nurture the professional growth of staff, and are capable of providing the instructional / social-emotional support to drive student achievement in their buildings.

Principal Advisory Committee

The purpose of this group is to establish a structure that ensures a robust, year-long discourse, inclusive of ongoing communication, capacity and community building as well as celebrating the outstanding work that we know happens every day among our 188 schools. The critical lens of this group would be to support the Brooklyn South FSC in developing its own capacity to offer the high- est quality services in collaboration with our Superintendents, Principals and professional learning communities.

In an effort to service the social & emotional needs of students, the Brooklyn South Support Center is engaged in promoting “Mindfulness.” Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to, and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives. Our hope is that, through trainings, we as a FSC and participating schools can learn new ways of approaching our daily lives in a calmer manner that benefits of life.